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LiNbO3 (Litium Niobate)
Litium Niobate
Lithium Niobate ( LiNbO3) is notable by a favourable balance of electro-optic, acoustic, piezoelectric, pyroelectric and non-linear optical attributes and is therefore the best material for applications in electro-optical, non-linear optical, and acoustic devices, high-temperature acoustic transducers, receivers-transmitters of acoustic vibrations, air force acceleration meters, acoustic wave delay lines, deflectors, generators of non-linear distorted waves, acoustic filters, electro-optical modulators (Q-switches), converters, frequency doublers and resonators in laser systems, non-linear elements in parametric light generators, and many others. The listed devices can be found anywhere from consumer electronics (TV sets and cell phones) and medical instruments (surgical and therapeutical appliances) to advanced laboratory and scientific equipment (biotechnology, frequency standards, metal cutting, shaping, scribing).

Basic properties

Chemical Formula LiNbO3
Crystal Class Trigonal
Lattice Constant, Å a=5.148
c= 13.863
Molecular Weight 147.9
Density, g/cm3 at 293 K 4.644
Transmittance Range, ?m 0.4-5.0
Dielectric Constant 29
Melting Temperature, K 1530
Thermal Expansion, 1/K at 300 K
α a (perpendicular)
α c (parallel)

15 x 10-6
5 x 10-6
Thermal Conductivity, W/(m K) at 300 K 5.6
Specific Heat, cal/(g K) 0.15
Hardness (Mohs) ~5
Bandgap, eV 4.0
Solubility in water None
Electro-Optical Coefficients, pm/V r33=30.8
SAW Velocity, m/s 3490-3890
Synchronism Width:
temperature, oC x cm
spectral, A x cm
angle, mrad x cm

Nonlinear Coefficients, d/d36 KDP d31=11.6
Optical Damage Threshold, MW/cm2 10-40
Birefringence Gradient < 5 x 10-5


LiNbO3 blanks and substrates for SAW and transducer applications
Diameter 5-76.2 mm
Thickness >/=0.15 mm
Orientation YX 36, YX 42, YX 49, YX 64, YX 128, YX 136, YZ, Z, X, Y
Material quality For Acoustoelectronics or Optoelectronics applications
Surface quality As-cut, fine-ground, lapped, 20/10 polished



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