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Bi2Te3 - Bismuth telluride
Bismuth telluride - Main Properties
Bismuth telluride is a semiconductor material used predominantly for cooling and power generation. To regulate the conductivity of Bi2Te3 and enhance its thermoelectric qualities it is usually doped with antimony or selenium. Other dopants (except gases and radioactive materials) are available upon request.

Basic properties

Structure Hexagonal
Lattice parameters a=4.38 , c=30.49
Density 7.85 g/ cm3
Knoop microhardness 155 N/ mm2
Eg 0.21 eV
Melting point 585 °C
Max. single crystal diameter/length: Ø30×30-40 mm


Bi2Te3 ingots and wafers
Diameter/Width 5-55 mm *
Thickness/Length 0.1-80 mm*
Available dopants any (except gases and radioactive elements)
Orientation (0001)
Surface quality As grown, as cut, 80/50, 60/40, 40/20 per MIL-0-13830
*Diameter 25-35 mm x thickness 1-2 mm is most cost-effective



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