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About us
Our crystal business was founded in 1998. We first entered the market with single crystal sapphire products following the rising tide of the commercial success of high brightness blue and white LEDs. No doubt this application is still in the forefront for the whole sapphire growing and trading community.

As time went on our customers offered us new challenges and new opportunities to develop our product line. It is only owing to our partners that we, at present, have an abundant scope of sapphire products which includes ingots, wafers, blanks, windows, tubes, capillaries and crucibles, and that now we are able to serve many more industries. Our customers work in the fields of science, medicine, instrumentation, machine engineering. They keep on proposing new applications for our crystals and stimulating us to expand our product portfolio.

In response to our customers’ demand we enriched our product range with IR crystals (ZnSe, CdSe, GaSe, CdS, CaF2), THz crystals (ZnTe), piezoelectric crystals ( LiNbO3, langasite), thermoelectric crystals ( Bi2Te3), scintillating crystals ( CdWO4).

We maintain our basic product lines for you, our long-term friends and partners, and we adjust our products and services to keep pace with your development.

We expand and diversify for you, our new customers, who come to us with new ideas, new tasks and new possibilities.

Thank you for the knowledge you share with us, for your trust in us, for your business cooperation.

As always, you are most welcome with your questions, comments and requests.

Miracrys Team


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