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CdWO4 - Cadmium Tungstate
CdWO4 - Main Properties
Cadmium Tungstate ( CdWO4 or CWO) is a widely used scincillator material. CWO is often a preferable option in such applications as computer-aided tomography, spectrometry and gamma-rays detection. CdWO4 is characterized by long decay time, low intrinsic phosphorescence and high light output.
We grow CdWO4 from the melt by Czochralski method. If specific qualities are required we can dope CWO with Mo, Nd, Gd or other elements.

Basic properties

Structure Monoclinic
Cleavage plane (010)
Melting point 1325 °C
Density: 7.9 g/ cm3
Wavelength of max. emission 540 nm
Decay constant 5000 ns
Refractive index at emission maximum 2.25
Light output relative to NaI(Tl) 40 %
Max. crystal diameter 55 mm



CdWO4 plates
Diameter/Width 55 mm
Thickness/length 0.1-30 mm
Surface quality 80/50, 60/40, 40/20 per MIL-0-13830
Orientation (010)
*The optimal and most cost-effective items are those with the diameter of 30-38 mm and the thickness of 1-2 mm



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