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16 years of serving high-end industries
with high-quality products

We focus on:

Your demand

Missing a set of sapphire windows for your scanner system?
Seeking a lens for your new line of laser engravers?

We offer a comprehensive choice of products including:
- Sapphire: windows / blanks / ingots / wafers / tubes / rods / crucibles
- II-VI materials: ZnSe, ZnS, ZnTe, CdSe, CdS,
- Fluorides: CaF2, LiF
- Fused silica: windows / prizms / wedges
- Special materials: PbTe, PbSe, Bi2Te3, Bi2Se3, CdWO4, GaSe, KDP

Your application

We support a broad spectrum of applications - from laboratory to the most demanding semiconductor and industrial process
- Manufacturing and processing equipment
- Control and measurement
- Thermoelectric devices
- Optics (light transmission, light reflection, light refraction)
- Optics (light amplification and light modulation)
- Solid-State Lighting
- Telecommunications
- Medicine
- Science

Your possibilities

Are you a researcher?
A university student?

For you we can offer:
- small purchase volumes at reasonable costs;
- items on request available from stock;
- technical advice / experimental data

Are you procuring for a big foundry / laser manufacturer?

You can count on:
- long-term order;
- consistent supply;
- flexible payment terms;
- sophisticated logistic solutions

Your satisfaction

We merge our technical expertise and state-of-the art technology to ensure strict quality control at every step of production.


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