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Bi2Se3 - Bismuth selenide
Bismuth selenide is a thermo-electrical material and a topological insulator. It is often used in thermoelectric generators. Besides, like bismuth telluride, it is very popular with researchers who use the surface insulating properties of these materials to develop high-performance transistors and memory devices. To adjust the characteristics of Bi2Se3 it can be doped with any elements except gases and radioactive materials.

Basic properties

Structure Hexagonal
Lattice parameters a=4.14 , c=28.7
Density 7.51 g/ cm3
Knoop microhardness 167 N/ mm2
Eg 0.35 eV
Melting point 706 °C
Max. single crystal diameter/length: Ø30×30-40 mm


Bi2Se3 ingots and wafers
Diameter/Width 5-55 mm *
Thickness/Length 0.1-80 mm*
Available dopants any (except gases and radioactive elements)
Orientation (0001)
Surface quality As grown, as cut, 60/40 per MIL-0-13830
*Diameter 25-35 mm x thickness 1-2 mm is most cost-effective



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